About Us

Teen mothers integrated

Teen Mothers Integrated (TMI) is nascent non-government and non-profit making organization that has been created in 2015. The organization seeks to militate against teen pregnancies, empower the vulnerable teen mothers and their children to restore hope, build resilience through socioeconomic empowerment, research and advocacy.

How we work


The goal of the mentorship component is to provide teen mothers with social and emotional support necessary to develop their self-confidence, make sensible, healthy decisions, address the challenges they face and build resilience.


We believe in providing teen mothers with knowledge and opportunities to increase their participation.

Research and advocacy

We believe that research on the living conditions of teen mothers will provide information that can be based on to advocate for teen mothers so that they can enjoy their rights and get rid of violence.

Teen mothers challenges

Teen mothers are less likely to gain prenatal care that is essential for monitoring the growth of the fetus and the health of the mother. Therefore, pregnant teenagers lack information about good nutrition and other ways to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Teen mothers are often rejected by their parents or guardians and even the surrounding communities.

The children born to teen mothers are likely to experience social, emotional, and other problems. Some children prefer to involve in drugs; others prefer to live on the streets and especially girls born in such conditions are likely to become teen mothers at their very young age; they are less likely to receive proper nutrition, health care and education; and they are at high risk for abuse and neglect.


 We believe that through actions and collaboration with various partners and stakeholders, teen mothers can get socioeconomically reintegrated and therefore we can reach our vision.