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We welcome you all to this official website of Teen Mothers Integrated (TMI). TMI recognizes that by working together we can create synergy and intensify the dynamics to improve the status of teen mothers and their children for their sustainable socio-economic development. TMI is therefore established and fully committed to providing its contribution to ongoing national efforts to have communities free of teen pregnancies through inspiring teen mothers to restore hope and be strong, smart and bold. Your views and ideas and any other support as stakeholders are of paramount importance to change the lives of teen mothers and their children.

You are most welcome again.

Teen mothers integrated

Teen Mothers Integrated (TMI) is nascent non-government and non-profit making organization that has been created in 2015. The organization seeks to militate against teen pregnancies, empower the vulnerable teen mothers and their children to restore hope, build resilience through socioeconomic empowerment, research and advocacy.

Our vision

Our vision is communities free of teen pregnancies and where teen mothers realize their full potential and enjoy their rights and sustainable development.

What we do

We seek to educate girls to avoid teen pregnancies and also strive for socioeconomic empowerment of vulnerable teen mothers. Teen mothers have the right to be healthy, educated, protected, valued and respected in their respective communities.

Our mission

To reduce teen pregnancies in communities and improve the status of teen mothers and their children for their socioeconomic development.



I used to despise myself but now I am self-confident, I am ready and proud to shape a better future. No more loneliness. I strive for integrity in the community regardless of having had teen pregnancy.



Registration of children born of teen mothers is necessary for the child to enjoy the same rights of children in the family.



As I approach my peers and we develop a team spirit and a sense of power to be more creative and initiate income generating activities which allow us to become agents of change in the community. Now we have value.